Coronation Fun, Tunbridge Wells

The Coronation of King Charles & Queen Camilla 2023


We had a great time celebrating the Coronation across our houses. At Abbeyfield House, Tunbridge Wells, we held a special celebration party with family, friends and our team. Here they are having a fabulous time. 

The food served included Paella/Vegetarian Paella, Fish & Chip cones, Coronation Quiche (of course!), sausage rolls, coronation chicken tartlets, Union Jack cakes, Battenberg blondies & veggie dips. 

Talking to our residents who remembered the previous Coronation, Ruth said she was 27 years old when the Queen was coronated on the 2nd  June 1953. Her family bought a TV for the occasion. She took her four-year-old son Michael to her family’s home in Sidcup, where they all sat down to watch it together. Ruth’s father was in the Royal Signals. Ruth & Michael both vividly remember that when the national anthem was played, her father stood to attention. She added he went on to become a Major. 

Ruth also celebrated her 97th birthday this week - she ordered her favourite coffee & walnut cake. From everyone at Abbeyfield South Downs, Happy Birthday Ruth!