Embracing the benefits of coastal living for an active, independent retirement

Take a look at Abbeyfield House, Hove.

As we enter retirement, the allure of coastal living becomes even more enticing. For older, active retirees, settling near the sea offers many physical, emotional, and psychological benefits. In this blog, we explore our house in Hove and the advantages of living close to the sea.


A homely environment at Abbeyfield House, Hove

We offer retirement living for tenants who want to live as part of a neighbourly community. But we’re not a care home. You live independently but with home-cooked meals and friendships on hand.

Located in Hove, Abbeyfield House consists of two beautifully renovated Edwardian-style semi-detached properties. Our house is near to the centre of Hove, which is a vibrant town close to Brighton. It’s just a short 5–10-minute walk to the seafront, as well as local shops. 

Our mission is all about making life a little easier for our tenants while helping to combat loneliness among older people. So, we offer companionship, safety, good nutrition and independence – all in a homely environment, without the worry of maintaining a home.

Live independently, but with a helping hand

If you’d love to live by the sea in your retirement, some of the key features and benefits of living at Abbeyfield House, Hove include:

  • Independent Living: Our house is designed to allow tenants to maintain your independence, while still enjoying companionship.
  • Home-Cooked Meals: Tenants enjoy the convenience of having home-cooked meals daily, providing seasonal, nutritious food without the need for cooking or grocery shopping. Menus are completely different each week and tenants have full input and make suggestions and requests.
  • Communal Lounge: The communal lounge provides an excellent space for tenants to come together, read the paper, have a coffee, or socialise whenever you wish.
  • A Helping Hand: Staff are onsite from 9am-2pm daily. Rooms are cleaned once a week and the laundry room is on a rota system. If you need additional care, some services can be brought in.
  • Fulfilling Retirement: With the mix of independence and company, tenants can enjoy a fulfilling retirement among a close-knit community. We celebrate special events together such as birthdays, the Queen’s Jubilee and King’s Coronation, and summer and Christmas events.

As a tenant, you can enjoy as much company or privacy as you like, with the freedom to come and go as you wish. There are plenty of local lunch clubs and amenities nearby.

I always wanted to live by the sea...

We often hear that people have always wanted to live near the sea, and what better time than retirement?

The house offers 16 single studio rooms, all with en-suite facilities. Some tenants come from the Brighton & Hove area, but most come from London and the South East, to be closer to family in the area. With our location so close to the seafront we are perfectly located to enjoy the coast, bringing even more benefits.

Physical health and active lifestyle

Living close to the sea fosters an active lifestyle that integrates physical exercise into your daily routine. Most tenants go out for a walk every day to enjoy the fresh air and sea view. Plus, there are many bus routes to access Brighton, the South Downs and other coastal towns. Tenants enjoy sea swimming well into their 80s/90s.

Mental well-being and relaxation

The calming sound of waves crashing against the shore has an inherent therapeutic effect on the mind. This can lead to reduced levels of anxiety, better sleep patterns, and an improved sense of contentment.

Taking in the sea air

Breathing in salty, coastal air can be revitalising. In fact, sea air has been proven to diminish depression, as negatively charged hydrogen ions help absorb oxygen and balance serotonin levels in the brain. No wonder being by the coast can improve mood!

Find out if Abbeyfield House, Hove is right for you

Living close to the sea can be a transformative choice for active, older people seeking a fulfilling lifestyle. Combined with our Abbeyfield approach, choosing our house could provide numerous physical, emotional, and social benefits that contribute to your overall well-being.

If you or your loved ones are looking for retirement housing Abbeyfield House, Hove might be an ideal choice to consider. Speak to our team to arrange a meet & greet lunch and tour. After that, there is the opportunity for a trial stay.

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Communal lounge

Communal lounge

View from a bedroom

Front garden

Sunflower growing

View from the dining room

Front garden

Home cooked Salmon Coulibiac

Homemade Strawberry Sponge with Vanilla Cream

Edwardian stained glass door

Edwardian staircase

Edwardian features