What is sheltered living?

While many of us like the idea of maintaining our own home, there comes a time when it’s no longer the best option. Sheltered living is a great ‘middle ground’, offering a number of benefits for a fulfilled and engaged life. 

Are you wondering if sheltered living might be right for your loved one? Here we look at what it is, and the reasons people choose it.

What is Sheltered Living?

Sheltered Living allows you to live independently; it is sometimes also called Sheltered Housing or Retirement Housing. You have your own space to enjoy later life combined with the peace of mind that there’s someone on hand to support you with a friendly chat, a home-cooked meal and support with chores. Not only will you have the privacy and comfort of your own room, you’re also an important part of a thriving and sociable community. Plus all our houses have a 24-hour on call system for added reassurance.

It really is living life on your terms.

Your home, your choice

In addition to your own room, you’ll also have an en suite bathroom and small kitchenette – so you have the flexibility to make your own breakfast, drinks and snacks whenever you fancy.

How you furnish your room is up to you, so you’re free to put your own stamp on it. Friends and family are also welcome to visit whenever you want – it is your home, after all.

Our houses also have shared lounges, dining rooms and gardens where you can choose to socialise with your fellow residents, as well as staff and volunteers. Or you may prefer to simply watch the sights and sounds of everyday life going on around you.

Delicious, home-cooked meals are provided alongside everyday housekeeping. All your household utility and maintenance bills as well as your council taxes are included in the cost. Cleaning and laundry can also be organised for you. Then, if and when you need a little more help, additional personal care and support services can be arranged.

Your community

Your accommodation is in a converted house, so you can stay well connected to the surrounding community. We have a range of houses, so you can choose a location that best suits your lifestyle. For example, our Tunbridge Wells house is just minutes from the town centre, making it easy to reach the shops or attend local clubs or events.  If you prefer a village feel, our Alfriston house is nestled in a picturesque community in the South Downs.

Ultimately, we give you the time and space you need to enjoy later life – all within a safe, friendly and supportive community.